According to "Electronic Invoicing Enforcement Rules of the Standards Act" No. 0972400122, announcing by Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, the "Duplicate Uniform Invoice" issued by iROO will be under commission management by us and will not send hard copy to you. The electronic invoicing will be issued after shipping and note by email, or check by logging in your account and go to "orders" to get the information of invoice.
More information please go to E-invoice platform

The lucky draw of "Duplicate Uniform Invoice" is held bimonthly on 26th by Ministry of Finance (except those already in hard copy/donated/invalidated), and the hard copy will sent to you within 10 days after you reply the mailing address. (Taiwan ONLY, and the lucky draw is held on Jan, Mar, May...Nov on 26th.)

Please fill in your VAT identification number and company title during the shopping process, and the hard copy of your invoice will be shipped with the goods.

If the hard copy of invoice has already been registered, please attached the hard copy when you need to deal with returning.