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Select an item-->add to cart-->select "shop for the first time" when checking out-->fill in your shipping information-->check out-->done

  • Not the first time shopping:

Select an item-->add to cart-->Sign in your account-->fill in your shipping informationcheck out-->done

  • Note: The item When an item is added to the cart the quantity stays the same. It's only when the payment has been successful that the stock is reduced. Stock is reduced by the check out sequence.

1. Credit card to home delivery (Types of Credit & Debit Cards That Can Be Used: We Only accept VISA、Master Card、JCB、China UnionPay)

※In order to provide a stable shopping environment, our payment system is connected with Taishin International Bank and Internation Credit Card Organization with high processing standard.

※Your card number is under encipherment protection and will not be recorded in iROO's data base. Transaction security is ensured.

2. Alipay

3. Cash on Delivery (delivery address is limited only in Taiwan): Delivery method in Taiwan will be home delivery, please pay the amount of cash of your order. When the delivery is arrived, we will contact you by mobile number, please keep your mobile available, do not reject unkown number in case the delivery cannot arrive on time. We will deliver at most three times, if the goods cannot be delivered correctly, we will automatically cancel your order.

※"Cash on Delivery Service" only for Taiwan, place other than Taiwan cannot choose "Cash on Delivery Service". Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience.

4、Line pay

Go to "orders", sign in your account, you can check your order proceeding condition.

To avoid discrepancy in stock and accounting, we do not offer a change in order, add items, or combine orders together. If you want to change your order, but your order condition shows "prcessing", please cancel the order and place a new order.

※Note: If you cancel the order and place a new order, please refer to the stock at present.

If the order is under "dispatch" condition, please leave a comment or contact our customer service to "cancel the order", so that the logistic chain can proceed your request. But if the parcel arrived the logistic centre, cancellation is not eligible. If there is item that is not right for you, you could return within 7-day free return period.

※Note: 1. Before you place an order, please double chack the quantity and size (please refer to size detail and Model's body measurements). If you return too frequent because of your personal preference (for example, color or size difference) instead of product defect, we hope you could go to physical store to try on our items. Online shop has the right to freeze your account without notice. 2. There will be additional fee when refunding online the amount to your credit card account for overseas member whenever an order is canceled.

According to Consumers Protection Act, iROO provide a 7-day free return period within 7 days of receipt of delivery (including holidays). If your parcel is collected by another person, then the next day he or she receives the parcel starts the 7-day free return period, please be aware of the notice of delivery. Please note that the 7-day free return period is not 7-day trial period. If the returned goods is unable to restore to the original condition, it will affect your right, or you may have to bear the cost of repair/clean.

※Note: The returned profuct must be wrapped in original condition and complete with accesorries (if there is any) including the uncut price tag, in order not to affect its secondary sales in the future; If there is clip bag, carton or any special wrapping, they must be kept in original state and be returned together with product itself. If the details is not as complete as the original state, it is not eligible for a free return. Products which are sold in box (shoes/boots/caps/hats/accessories) must be wrapped in ink-free paper/paper bag/carton, in case you right will be affected.

If any following situation happens, free return is not eligible:
1. Products have makeup stain on it. Please be aware that do not stain your makeup to the product when fitting.
2. Products that are not fitting in a usual way: with damage, stain, or odor when wearing it for a long time.
3. Accessories or embellishments are lost or the price tag is cut.
4. The product is changed with additional processing and not in the original state (for example: embroidery, pattern cutting, printing...etc.)
5. Giveaway is not returned.
6. The return date already exceeds the 7-day free return period.

Shipping in Taiwan:
All orders of $2500 NTD or more of eligible items across any product category qualify for FREE Shipping. Otherwise $100 NTD shipping fee is charged.

Shipping in other region:
All orders of $2500 NTD or more of eligible items across any product category qualify for FREE Shipping. Otherwise $320 NTD shipping fee is charged.

NO-Delivery Zones in Taiwan is as follow:
1. Post office mailbox
2. Diaoyutai Islands
3. Yilan County:Diaoyutai Islands
4. Kaohsiung City:Pratas Islands and Spratly Islands
5. Penghu County: Magong City, Wang'an Township, Qimei Township, Baisha Township
6. Kinmen County:Lieyu Township and Wuqiu Township
7. Taitung County:Lanyu Township

Other shipping region:
The shipping fee will be added automatically at the checkout page. Hong Kong, Macao and Mainland China is shipped by SF Express, and other region is shipped by DPEX.
For non-business address (i.e. residential address) in Hong Kong, an additional non-business area fee $30 HKD is charged. If the non-business address is located at remote area, then there is only remote area proceeding fee is added.
>>Look up for the remote area location>>

(SP Express/ DPEX reserve the right of final explanations of "remote area")
※If the volumetric weight is greater than the actual weight, then the shipment fee will be charged according to the volumetric weight.
※FREE shipping is not eligible for non-Taiwan region.

How to change order:
Order cannot be changed after it is check out. If you need to change the order, you can sign in your account, cancel your order and re-order again.

How to cancel your order:
If your order is not under "packing"process, you cam sign in your account and cancel the order.

※The canceled order cannot be restored.
※If your order is already under "packing" process, the order cannot be canceled online. Please contact the customer service line to cancel the order.
※Note: If you cancel the order and re-order again, please refer to the present stock.

iROO will dispatch the order during Monday to Friday (business day), order will close at 14:00 PM (GMT+8) everyday, order after 14:00 PM the shipping day will be postponed one day after. If you order on Friday or national holiday, the shipping will done on next business day.

Normally the Shipping Times will be: Order today, arrive tomorrow.( Some items need to be shipped and will be delivered within 7~14 days.)

Sundays and holidays do not ship, order after 14:00 PM will have to wait one more day to ship.

The actual dispatching date will be adjusted by the amount of orders, the date may be shifted to earlier date or postponed, if the postponed date exceeds 2 more days, we will announce the latest situation at official site.

※t-cat.com.tw does not provide delivery service on Sundays, we apology for the inconvenience.
※Only when there is weather under poor condition or traffic interruption, the delivery time might change.

1、Home delivery

"【Domestic Delivery】

The goods will be sent by logistics, and the delivery areas are: Taiwan's main island, some parts of Penghu Lake, some parts of Kinmen, Xiaojinmen, some parts of Macao;

* Reminder: The delivery staff only provides delivery service. If members have any questions about the received goods, please contact iROO customer service 0800-008-812 directly. The delivery staff cannot handle the return and exchange for you."

【Foreign Shipping】

Overseas delivery areas: China, Hong Kong, Macau, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium

2、iROO store pickup

* Free shipping pick-up at store

* Customers who choose to pick up in the store, please pay online first

* Items delivered to the store will be notified by email and SMS

* 7 days from the delivery of goods to the store

* If you do not arrive at the store within the time limit, the product will be returned to our company and the order will be automatically cancelled. If you still need the product, please re-order online

* If you can't change the store after completing the selection of supermarket stores, please forgive me!

* You can log in for inquiry from "My Account". If the order has not yet entered the packaging operation, you can cancel the order yourself, then re-order and select the correct pickup store.

* Customers who choose to pick up goods in the store, the store only provides pickup and exchange services, if you need to return, please go to the official website backstage to apply for return

"* If it is a six-day weekly holiday or a regular holiday (national holiday), it will be postponed to the working day.

(In case of force majeure factors, such as typhoons, earthquakes, and floods, etc., it will be dealt with according to the current situation)"

* Saturday / Sunday and regular holidays will not be shipped. Orders exceeding the daily cut-off time will have to wait an additional day. The actual shipping time will still be adjusted according to the order volume, and shipment may be advanced or delayed.

* Remind you that if you have more than 2 times (including 2 times) not picking up the goods at the designated doorway within the notification period, you will not be able to continue to provide this service.

* Enjoy one free exchange service within 7 days of appreciation period (Taiwan area only). The store only accepts the exchange service. If you want to exchange at the store, please bring this shipping list with the complete package of the product to the store within 7 days. No replacement service will be accepted beyond the appreciation period.