Thank you for visiting the website of the “” (hereinafter “this website”).  This website is built by iROO International Pte Ltd (referred to as the "Company"), according to the User Terms of Services, other contents of announcement in this Website, standard of use and notice for users (hereinafter as “the Terms of Services”). The purposes of the Terms of Services is to protect users’ rights and interests while use services provided in this Website.  In the meantime, the Terms of Services is intended to confirm the rights and responsibilities between the Company and users.


The Company is entitled to amend or revise contents of the Terms of Services from time to time if it is considered necessary.  The Terms of Services will be published in the registering pages of “the User Terms of Services” and “registering as a member” in the Website.  We recommend that you pay attention to the relevant amendment and revision at any time.  On the condition that you keep using our Company’s services after amendment or revision, it will be considered that you have read, understood,and agreed to accept the relevant amendments and revisions that have been done and the revised contents of the agreement that both parties’ agreed to will be the relevant amendment and revision that you have agreed to and accepted.  If you do not agree to the aforesaid amendment or revision in the Terms of Services, or do not accept any item of the Terms of Services, please stop using the services in the Website.


If you are a minor, you have to obtain consent from your legal guardian for your legal activities first.  Therefore, before you use and register as a member of this website and conduct consumer’s transaction with the Company, your parents or guardian’s consent after carefully reading this Terms of Services is required.  Before you become a person with legitimate capacity, all transaction activities conducted by using the services provided in this Website, you have to promise that all required consents have been given by your legal representative or guardian.


Service Scope for the User

The services scope provided in the Company’s Website, including all websites under the domain name of, and any possible company websites added in the future, in which all services contents like cash flow, logistic and information exchange platform, either online or offline, provided by the Company will be included.  The Services include but not limited to commodity trading, content browsing or any other methods used for products distribution information provision and other services by use of e-mail, post, telephone or other methods.  The Company is entitled to add, delete, or change items or contents for relevant services from time to time subject to the business requirements and actual situations and will be posted on the Website.  You shall pay attention to the relevant revisions and changes any time.  Any product name, price, content, specifications, model number and other relevant information constitute part of both parties’ agreement.

User Account ID and Password

  1. For the sake of trading safety protection, this Website will use the e-mail address contained in the basic information you filled in as User Account ID and a password chosen by yourself as personal login identification. You may change your password by yourself, if required. To protect the safety of your account, it is recommended that you shall not use the same password with other websites and change your personal password frequently.


  1. You shall set, keep and manage your user account ID and password in a proper way, including but not limited to not to leak your User Account ID and password to any third party, not to share account and password with others, and logoff the Website properly. You shall be fully liable for the activities conducted after logging into the Website by using your correct User Account Id and password and shall not deny any transaction that arose unless you can prove that the activities were conducted by any third party illegally.


  1. You shall provide correct and complete information when you register with the Website. Our Company is entitled to suspend or terminate your User Account ID and to reject your use of our Company's services providing that you provide inaccurate or false information login.


  1. You shall fill in credit card information precisely if you chose to purchase products by use of credit card. The Website is entitled to suspend or terminate the order placed by a qualified user or flow consumer (including registered member), if there is false login or any credit card trading without permission from the credit card holder. Our Company will purse relevant legal liability if there is any violation of laws.  To protect users’ privacies and rights, the Website will not keep any financial information like credit card number that the users’ login in the Website.


  1. The account you registered in the Website may be used in other external website through link to the Website. Since the Website will not provide personal information to the external website, you may fill in your personal information when you activate the external website at the first time and apply to the services terms and privacy protection policy statements of the website. Our Company is not responsible nor guarantee the activities that happen in the external website.


  1. You shall notify our company immediately, if your account has been fraudulently used or hacked after you registered as a member, to avoid extending damages. Our Company will assist to suspend all relevant transactions and follow-up use through the account and will re-activate your account by re-setting the password upon your request, after all use issues are cleared.


Personal Information Protection Measure

When you trade on the website or participate in an event, the company may collect, process, and utilize your personal information for the purpose of providing relevant marketing and services. Please read the "Privacy Policy Statement" for the personal data related informed matters.

For members who have already registered, you have agreed that the company may send you product messages to your email address periodically or occasionally. If you want to unsubscribe, stop your subscription, or modify your subscription settings; you can go to this website's [Newsletter Subscription] settings to subscribe or cancel the subscription.

The company shall comply with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, and would not use your personal information illegally unless specified by the Terms of Use, the privacy policy statement of this website, or otherwise provided by the law. Under the following conditions, the company may provide your personal information to the administrative or judicial authorities, or provide it to a third party of the administrative or judicial authorities when they claim that their rights have been breached:

Required by the statutory procedure of the police, judiciary branch or other concerned authorities.

Protect the legitimate rights of other customers or third parties in case of emergency.

Maintain the normal operations of this website.

Provide this company's cash flow or logistics generated from its relevant services or other information needed by the sub-contractors or partners.

The user has violated the government regulations or the Terms of Use of this website.

This website may include links to other sites due to advertising or other promotional activities. When you click on such links to reach other sites, the terms of service and privacy policy statement specifications of this website shall no longer apply. You shall judge for yourself whether or not the relevant privacy provisions of such external sites are sufficient to protect your rights and interests.

Communication Method

Email shall be the method of communication between you and this company for the services related matters. When you register, the company shall use the Email you provided during registration as the Email address to inform you about the relevant information. If your Email address has changed, please immediately login to this website and update the data. In the future, you should maintain the correctness, accuracy and completeness of your Email address and other personal information at any time. If the Email address you provided is wrong, expired or cannot accept information submitted by this company due to reasons not attributable to this company; the notices delivered by this company shall be deemed as served. 

There is limited quantity of product in this website, please pick the items and checkout as soon as possible. Adding product to shopping cart does not mean the checkout procedure is completed. If there is other consumer finishes checkout process faster than you, our system will make a note that the item is already sold out, please remove the item from your shopping cart. 

Products on this website will be shipped according to the method you choose as you proceed to checkout; the price of the product on this website does not include shipping fee. You have the right to return products within 7 days of receipt of delivery, except reasonable exceptions agreed by administrative authority. (For example: customized apparels, personal hygiene products are exceptions to the free return policy) 

According to the law, this company will refund to consumer if needed, and the transaction fee will be borne by the Company. The Company will refund the amount back to the user’s credit card if the order is paid by credit card; if the order is paid by bank transfer transaction, the amount will refund to your bank account. To guarantee the account and transaction safety, please provide your account information in the “return form” or “email” when requesting a return; our customer service will check the information and proceed to refund. Issues relating to shopping please refer to “Help & Customer Service” for “Shopping”.


Service Interruption and Disclaimer

The company shall maintain the normal operations of this website in a manner and use technologies that meet the current and generally reasonable safety protection standards. Under the following conditions, the company shall be entitled to suspend part or all of the services provided by this website without any obligation of prior notice, and shall not bear any liability for any resulting direct or indirect damages.

  1. Relocate, replace, upgrade, maintain or repair of the relevant software equipment for this website.
  2. Service cessation or interruption caused by natural disasters or other force majeure factors.
  3. Service cessation or interruption caused by telecommunication or website company service disruptions or other reasons not attributable to this company.
  4. This website was affected by external forces, resulting in incorrect information display or experienced system interruption or malfunctioning due to forgery, falsification, deletion or piracy.
  5. The user is suspended or terminated due to the breach of Terms of Use for this website or law violations.
  6. Other reasons deemed by the company as necessary to suspend or terminate the services.

The company shall make appropriate announcements on this website to the extent possible in advance for anticipatory software and hardware maintenance programs that may suspend or terminate the services of the website.

Only the website's existing programs, functions and status quo at the time of service provision are provided for your use. The company shall not bear any guarantee, warranty, or compensation for damage liabilities. 

Breach of Contract Handling

To protect the rights of all users of this website, the company may suspend or terminate your shopping qualifications or prevent you from using all or part of the services provided by this website if you have any one of the following conditions:

  1. Use of incorrect or false data for user login.
  2. Use of the credit cards of others or misappropriation of financial accounts without permission.
  3. Exceeding the number of times set by the company for arbitrary refusal to pick up the goods at the designated outlet within the notified deadline or complete the cash transaction on the delivery process.
  4. Maliciously voided the contract and returned the goods for non-product defect related reasons.
  5. Harass or improperly argue with the customer services department or claim problems not related to the services or products.
  6. Other acts that breached the Terms of Use of this website or violated the law.

You hereby acknowledge that the company may terminate your user eligibility or stop the service provided under the Terms of Service regardless of any reasons without obtaining your consent and the company shall not assume any responsibilities or obligations for you or any third parties unless otherwise provided by the laws or regulations.

Intellectual Property

  1. Unless otherwise expressly provided by the Company, all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to trademarks, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and proprietary technologies of the software, programs and contents published on this website, including, but not limited to works, pictures, documents, information, data, website architectures, website layouts and designs are owned by the Company and other rightful owner.
  2. No one may use, modify, reproduce, broadcast, adapt, publish, distribute, restore, decompile or reverse engineer the aforesaid software. If anyone wants to quote or reproduces the aforesaid software, programs or contents on the website, it must obtain the prior written consent from the Company or other rightful owners in accordance with applicable laws.
  3. If you submit your work to the company's website or mobile app for submission for or participation in any event, all intellectual property rights of the work, such as publicity rights or copyrights, etc., shall be owned by the creator of the submission or work itself. But any work submitted to the Company or participated in an event of the Company, shall be deemed as having agreed to license the Company to use it without any charges and the licensed use is a non-exclusive licensed (including reproduction, transmission, dissemination, transfer, alteration, etc.) and shall not be sub-licensed to any third party to use it. The creator agrees that it will not exercise its moral rights against the Company. 


Validity, applicable laws and courts of jurisdiction of this Term

  1. The invalidity of all or part of the Terms of Service of this website will not affect the validities of other agreements.
  2. All rights and obligations between you and the Company shall be determined in accordance with the Terms of Service and the applicable announcements of this website. If any dispute occurs, you may submit a complaint or respond to the customer service department through the contact information on this website. The Parties should negotiate a settlement with the greatest amicability, good faith and in accordance with the principle of equality and reciprocity. Unless otherwise provided by law, the Parties agree to be tried at the Taiwan New Taipei District Court as the court of first instance. If there is anything unregulated in the Terms of Service, it should be interpreted and supplemented in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China.

3. The Terms of Service for Users, if any, has both Chinese and English versions. If the contents of the two are inconsistent or different, the Chinese version shall prevail.