knowMe 2018 – Get to Know RDSS with iROO

iROO’s 5 years campaign to promote awareness and empathy for rare disorders


Singapore, 28 February 2018 – iROO International Pte Ltd (iROO) announces its 5 years corporate social responsibility campaign supporting the Rare Disorders Society of Singapore (RDSS). The key objectives of this campaign are to raise public awareness on rare disorders and educating the public to be empathetic towards such patients and their family members.

Why Support this Cause?

Several issues were faced by RDSS members such as insults and criticisms were hurled at them or people simply avoiding them. Only when the members from RDSS get together do they feel stronger and motivated by each other. As such, an outing to the Jurong Bird Park will be arranged on 5 May 2018 coinciding with the theme of Hornbill Family for this campaign and for their continued bonding.

This year being the first year of the 5 yearscampaign, the theme is ‘knowMe’ to create the necessary awareness and public education. The Hornbill is a key icon of the campaign. Hornbill is a rare species that live with their single partner till their death.

They have a distinct love story and always travel in pairs or as a family. Hornbills nest in the cavities of tall trees. Female checks the cavities based on food availability and safety. Once the female pick the nest, they undergo an interesting breeding habit. Female hornbill locks herself within the cavity by covering the opening with mud, barks, excreta, saliva, etc. She leaves a small opening to share the food. Male hornbills collect food forfemale and young ones.
Families of RDSS are just like the Hornbill families, staying together and caring for each other.

A host of activities is lined up for this campaign in 2018
commencing 28 February 2018 till 5 May 2018.

Public Education

This campaign will have a series of videos to educate the public on rare disorders. These videos will be shared on iROO and RDSS social media platforms and websites. To further spread more awareness, talks will be arranged with schools and companies. Interested schools and companies can contact AT Marketing Consultancy to arrange via email to [email protected]

iROO Limited Edition ‘Know Me’ Charity T-shirt

iROO Limited Edition ‘Know Me’ Charity T-shirt

iROO will launch the ‘Know Me’ exclusive limited edition charity t-shirt for this campaign and all net proceeds will be donated to RDSS. iROO hopes to raise up to SGD10,000 for this campaign. Available in 2 colors, black and white, this t-shirt retails at SGD68.80 at all iROO retail stores from 28 February 2018 till 15 April 2018.
iROO Taiwan will also donate these limited edition T-shirts to members of the Taiwan Foundation for Rare Disorders to support this campaign.

Taiwanese actress Carolyn Chen 陳珮騏 and Singapore Singer Joi Chua 蔡淳佳 will be sharing on their social media to support and promote this meaningful cause as well.

(other celebrities and influencers will add in, not all celebs can be mentioned,confirm by next week.)


Charity Song

A new single will be launched in the pipeline, written by local veteran singer-songwriter Jiu Jian 玖健 and arranged by musician Elaine Chan. Both will be the Music Ambassadors for this significant campaign. Titled 日久见真情 Time Will Tell, this is a light-hearted positive song to create more awareness for RDSS globally.

Jiu Jian 玖健 Elaine Chan

RDSS Outing to Jurong Bird Park

The campaign for 2018 will end with an outing to the Jurong Bird Park for RDSS members and families fully sponsored by some of our sponsors, in line with the Hornbill theme. The outing will be on 5 May 2015, also to honour all mothers from RDSS families in conjunction with Mother’s Day. The net proceeds from the sale of the Charity T-shirts will also be officially donated to RDSS on this day.


For more information on RDSS, check out the following: