Rosa Multiflora
Fashion Trend

Edited by Dulcie, photo by iROO

The Rosa from Italy, she is wild and beautiful, beyond timeless, and never withers; Gorgeous but with thorn; arrogant but with vulnerability. Put on your beloved perfume, and wear the most chic red rose pattern top in your closet, give a look and the moment freezes because of your charm.


Rose has been inspirations of many talented designers due to its symbol of rosy vision of the future. It is the representation of love, so noble yet so unpredictable, enchanting people with its fragrance. Shakespeare wrote in Romeo and Juliet,
“What's in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”


In the spring season, the designer of iROO created a south Europe women style collection based on the idea of girl gang, to express an Italian fashion style in order within chaos. Graceful red rose, or rosa multiflora, in the language of English, they all have the name of “rose”, which tells the story of rebellious woman in the fashionable street.

In this season we travel to the south of Italy. What does the roses from southern Italy mean to fashion world? A rose is like an Italian woman, it presents like a muse. It is said that “Fashion origins from England, prosperous in France, and become art in Italy.” Rose is a metaphor in Italy for women, encouraging them to try a more thrilling, random adventure just like painting on the canvas of life.


Apparel is the conversation between one and oneself, a way that Italian women implement in their closet. A mutton sleeve grey sweater printing with rebellious rose pattern makes your inner wildness ready to come out.


The rose prints wore by Italian women is the personification of sexiness and boldness, with less mildness and elegance inside, the anthurium red becomes the best choice of fashionista.

Fashion opens the imagination of women, it changes the dullness of everyday life. When the night comes, the wildness of rose runs through your veins, like being a real Italian woman, you do not need to trigger your lust since you yourself are the desire itself. The design of iROO becomes more passionate and liberal because of encountering you.